Above Land

Above.Land is an open world ARPG. Set in a magical world above the clouds, humans and mythological creatures attempt to find a way to co-exist. A place where technology and fantasy blend together, new world meets the old and epic adventures await around every corner. Players must find a way to free and liberate creatures that have been corrupted by a powerful evil, and return them to their majestic forms that they once were. Players must master techniques, upgrade their gear and craft their battle plans in order to save their world. Are you up for the challenge?


The world we're building is breathtakingly beautiful. We want every player to feel like they've been transported to a world unlike any other they've seen. Allowing everyone to immerse themselves with the realities of living in a futuristic civilization in the sky. With beauty, danger will also be ever present. How you choose to enjoy this world is totally up to you. Whether you are an adventure seeker or just want to enjoy the atmosphere and ambience; we've got you covered.